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From Artist Arlie

Hand painted glasses is very decorative. Many subjects are painted on a clear glass either textured or plain. Depending of the colour of the walls where you will hand them , the paintings will take on a different mood adding a background to the painting. Therefore you can easily move the paintings around your house, always obtaining  different effects.

Each piece of artwork has been carefully hand painted, fired and cured. Collectible items will withstand times as long as they are cared for lovingly.

It is not recommended to use harsh detersive, chemicals to clean them. Water and vinegar will clean your favourite piece without damaging it. 


Apples on Glass

Apples on Glass

Beautiful painting of apples, perfect for the kitchen or dining room. It is framed  in a modern moulding.

Size is 12'' x 12 ''. 

$150. cad

Pears on Glass

Dainty pears hand painted on a warm earth tone value as a background.

Size is: 12'' x 12''

$150. cad

Oranges on Glass

Thirsty quench pears on an opaque background.

size is 10' x 10'

$125. cad

Strawberries on Glass

Haindpainted on a warm undertone with silver.

Size: 12' x 10'

$125. cad


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