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Printed on 100% cotton rag cloth paper. Image Size; 5 x 7 in, unframed

Cove Island

Cove Island

Cove Island is the Jewel of Georgian Bay lighthouses; perhaps of any on the Canadian Great Lakes. It has the distinction of being both the first light tower to be lit on Georgian Bay in 1858, and the last to have its keeper removed in 1991. Cove was the most remote of the six Imperial tower construction sites and the most difficult and expensive to build. The dwelling and first storey of the tower were in place by November of 1855 despite the lateness of the season and the stormy weather. By October 1856 the tower had reached its full majestic height, although the cast-iron lantern room and Fresnel lens did not arrive from France for another two years.

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Old Presque

Old Presqu'Isle 1819

Immediately after the Revolutionary War, the farsighted people of that friendly state of Pennsylvania bought a forty-five mile stretch of beaches and inlets with what turned out to be a very attractive and historic harbor. It was at Erie, Pennsylvania, that Perry and his shipwrights built the modest flotilla of warships that defeated the powerful Great Lakes fleet of the British during the War of 1812, The light was placed on the Presque Isle Peninsula in 1819, to mark the entrance to Erie Bay. In French, the term Presque Isle means ''not an island'' and in this case apparently refers to the long, narrow peninsula.

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Point Abino

Point Albino Lighthouse

The beautiful light stands off the tip of the small peninsula 10 miles across the lake from Buffalo New York. The structure rests on a wide rugged shoreline gradually spills large rocks down to, then into the water. The lighthouse, then, is essentially offshore and, except for that lone step, surrounded by water. The one story brick dwelling is painted a crisp white accented by small touches of red, on the keystone of the arches above all windows and on the small shades extending out from a few of the rear windows. The six story tower commands the southern half of the structure. The top of the tower arches out to support the square parapet, which is surrounded by an intricate railing. You can see the fresnel lens through the panes of the 10 sided lantern room, and a red metal roof tops the beautiful structure.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad


Marblehead Light 1821

Built in 1821, Marblehead Lighthouse can boast the oldest active light tower on the Great Lakes. The Marblehead beacon has flashed out over a lot of history since it was placed in service, only a few years after Perry won his decisive victory over the British at the Battle of Lake Erie. This key naval battle was fought only a few miles to the north of Marblehead in September 1813, but that was not the last time war would touch the area. During the Civil War more than 10,000 Confederate soldiers languished in a 300 acre prison on Johnson's Island, within sight of the Marblehead Light. Most of the prisoners were officers captured in battles far to the south. The light they saw, was of course, the beacon of Marblehead Lighthouse which over nearly one and three quarters centuries has called countless thousands of sailors home from the lake.      Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad



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