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Lighthouses 3

Printed on 100% cotton rag cloth paper. Image Size; 5 x 7 in, unframed

The Cheboygan Crib Light

At one time the Cheboygan Crib Light was, in fact, set offshore to help guide boats into the Cheboygan River. But its foundation continuously settled until, finally, the entire structure tipped over into the channel. But instead of destroying the no longer useful beacon, the people of Cheboygan pulled it ashore and gave it a new home at the beginning of a short pier on the west bank of the river mouth. The circular steel  tower, only about 25 feet tall, is charming because of its small dimensions. The building, which is not open to the public, has been freshly painted white, with a red parapet and red trim on the windows and their protruding sills. The new boardwalk leads from the pier west along the shore of Lake Huron to a public beach and park.

Thunder Bay Light 1937

Located in Thunder Bay Harbour, on Lake Superior, Ontario, Canada. This lighthouse is still active.


Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

Prince Edward Point Lighthouse 1881

The Prince Edward Point Lighthouse (also known as Traverse Point Lighthouse by locals) was built in 1881. The 36-foot tower displayed a red light from 1881 to 1941, and was dubbed "the red onion." The light was changed to green in 1941.

In 1959, the light was replaced with a skeleton tower, and the lantern room removed. The building remains lonely and abandoned today.


Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

New Presqu'Isle Light 1870

Built in 1870, at more than 100 feet tall measured from the ground, and higher measured from the water, this is the tallest light structure on the Great Lakes. The conical brick tower has a few black trimmed windows scattered along its stairway, and a row of small, arched windows peek out from just beneath the walkway. The decorative trim of the walkway is black, and the lantern is capped in red.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

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