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Lighthouses 4

Printed on 100% cotton rag cloth paper. Image Size; 5 x 7 in, unframed

Strawberry Island Light 1881

The Strawberry Light is a well known landmark for those who cruise the North Channel. It is located at the northern tip of Strawberry Island. It is a squared tapered wooden tower with attached dwelling. Its height is 44 feet.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

Big Tub Tower 1885

Located at lighthouse Point on Big Tub Harbour, west of entrance to Tobermory.The beautiful hexagonal tower was erected in 1885, four years after Charles Earl was first paid $100 a year to hang a lantern at the same spot. For years he had feuded with a neighbour, Abraham Davis, and their Abbott and Costello style attacks  on each other set the scene for the first of many sideshows that would bedevil the Department over a thirty year period. Her height is 43 feet and the fixed red dioptric light, 7th order, duplex burner has been replaced with a fixed red harbour light.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

Old Long Point Lighthouse 1879

Was originally called  the Cut Light as it marked a natural channel that had been cut through the Long Point peninsula during a storm. For a time, ships had the option of sailing through that channel to avoid the extreme dangers of the shallows that surround the point. But the channel was unreliable, constantly filling blow, the cut filled in completely and could no longer be used. The Cut Light, however, continued to shine for 10 more years. Today it is a private residence. The Old Long Point Lighthouse is on the left of the Long Pointy Provincial Park entrance, you still can get a good view from the road in that area. It is located in Ontario, Canada.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad

Pelee Island Lighthouse (Ruins) 1833

Pelee Island, located nine miles south of the Canadian coast has long been renowned for its winery and thriving tourist industry. The lighthouse was built in 1833 on a secluded section of the north shoreline now called Lighthouse Point. Its gray stone tower, long abandoned, stands alone on the sandy beach, its strength still apparent despite the dark holes of missing windows and the absence to its lantern room and door. A single oak rises up alongside, its branches stretching above the structure. Today, the lighthouse has been restored. You can make the one hour trip to Pelee Island on an auto ferry from either Leamington or Kingsville, Ontario, Canada.

Size: 5 x 7  Print:  $20. cad


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